Accessibility at IMEX

Accessibility at IMEX

We’re passionate about designing safe, inclusive and accessible events. We want to create the best experience for everyone attending IMEX. We hope the following information helps you plan your IMEX experience and answers any questions you may have about accessibility. 

Contact us 

If you need accessibility assistance before the show, contact our Operations Team at +44 1273 224 958.

Who to contact during the show 

If you need assistance at IMEX contact us:  
  • At the IMEX Operations Office, outside Hall 8, Messe Frankfurt  
  • At the IMEX Information Counter, Hall 9  
  • By phone +44 1273 224 958  
  • Or speak to any IMEX member of staff (white IMEX name badges)
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Wheelchair accessibility

Information counters 
The following areas have an accessible counter:  
  • Information Zone, Hall 9 
  • Hosted Buyer Lounge, Hall 9 

The following area doesn’t have an accessible counter, but is open and accessible from the side:  
  • Operations Office, outside Hall 8
Hall 8, Messe Frankfurt 

The minimum aisle width in Hall 8 is three meters.  

All exhibition booths with a raised floor of up to 4cm require an area with a beveled edge or a ramp. For floors above 4cm only a ramp is accepted. The minimum width for the beveled area or ramp is 90cm. 

We encourage booth builders to consider accessibility when designing the layout of their booth and furniture, however we don't audit this. Ask the exhibitor for help if you require adjustments.

In Hall 8, there are three main catering outlets and one coffee station. The main catering outlets have a counter height of 1.27 meters.
Hall 9's three catering trucks are not wheelchair accessible. If you’d like assistance with ordering, go to the Information Counter in Hall 9 and one of the IMEX team will be happy to help.

There’s a catering outlet in the center of Hall 9 which can be accessed from the Hosted Buyer Lounge. The counter is 1.34 meters high. 

Outside Hall 9 is a small wheelchair-accessible supermarket for food, drink and convenience items. Opposite is self-service Restaurant Centro with a wide range of menu options.
Education areas 

All education theaters and stages are wheelchair accessible and there are reserved spaces for wheelchair users. Most seats in the theaters are backless stools or benches. There are a small number of seats with backs.  

Silent Seminar audience headphones are offered in most sessions to reduce background noise.  

Real-time language translation and audio transcription is available for sessions in the Forest, Ocean and Canyon theaters, the Research Pod and the IMEX-EIC People & Planet Village. Instructions on how to use on your device are available at sessions. Use your earphones to listen to the audio translation, and read the session transcription on your device.
Press Center 

The Press Center is on level 8.1. There is elevator access, however due to heavy doors the elevator is not accessible without assistance. Ask for help at the Operations Counter outside Hall 8.  


The shuttle buses between Halls 8 and 9 and the LEA entrance are not wheelchair accessible. Take a taxi to Hall 9, level 9.T for the most direct access to the show. The shuttle buses are accessible and will include a ramp. Alternatively, use public transportation to S Bahn station Frankfurt (Main) Messe. There is no accessible route from the LEA entrance to IMEX. See map for more information.
Hosted buyer buses are not wheelchair accessible. If you require alternative transportation, discuss this with your IMEX Relationship Manager or contact the Hosted Buyer Team at, who will be happy to help. 

Accessibility by bus

Accessibility by taxi



Sensory information 

Some areas are lightly scented including the entrances to Hall 8 and the Inspiration Hub in Hall 9. Contact us if you need more information at

Flashing images 
We don’t display flashing lights or images in any of our IMEX feature areas, such as the education areas in Hall 9. Video content shown on exhibitor booths may feature flashing images. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Messe Frankfurt an accessible venue?
Messe Frankfurt has a barrier-free access and connection network to ensure that mobility-impaired attendees can travel with ease. The Via Mobile covered moving walkway helps attendees reach every hall. Accessible toilets can be found at the front and back of Halls 8 and 9. See a map of the locations. For more information visit:
Is there wheelchair or mobility scooter hire?
Yes, they are available to borrow with a deposit of 50 euros from the first aid clinic outside the entrance to Hall 8.

Email with the dates of hire to make a reservation. Alternatively, call them on:
+49 69 75 7565 02
Is there accessible parking at Messe Frankfurt?
Parking for IMEX is on level P9. Elevators on all levels will take you to level 9.T for registration and level 9.0 for everything else.

If you have a disabled parking pass, or an aG type disability pass for severely impaired mobility, go to the North Gate (Tor Nord), where the traffic attendants will provide you with a suitable parking space on the exhibition grounds.

There’s an information hotline which can provide details about alternative parking options for attendees with restricted mobility, who do not have an aG disability pass for severely impaired mobility. The hotline also provides information about special permits that are issued for specific conditions or on presentation of appropriate proof.

Information hotline: +49 69 75 75-69 99
Are assistance dogs welcome?
IMEX welcomes all assistance dogs. No pets are permitted.
Where are the disabled restrooms?
Accessible restrooms can be found at the front and back of Halls 8 and 9. Here’s a map of locations.

All of the accessible restrooms at Messe Frankfurt have been equipped with European disabled restroom locks. If you do not have a European disabled restroom key, speak to the Hallmeister, inside the entrance to Hall 8, who will be able to unlock the restroom for you.
Are there quiet spaces?
The Be Well Lounge is on level 9.1 in Hall 9, away from the show floor. This is a device-free space where attendees can join meditation, breathing and relaxation sessions or just find some quiet time.

The IMEX-EIC People and Planet Village is in Hall 9. Attendees are welcome to use this space for quiet time when sessions are not taking place.

A Sensory Nook Pod is located in the Village area, offering features that support people with neurodivergent needs. The Pod creates a space for people to self-regulate by removing over-stimulating sounds and providing sensitive lighting.

Nook Pods are also available for use in Hall 8 and in the Hosted Buyer Lounge.
Where can I find medical assistance?
There is a First Aid office outside the main entrance to Hall 8.
Are accessible hotel rooms for hosted buyers available?
All hosted buyer hotels have accessible rooms. If you require this, contact:
What services are not currently accessible?
Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to improve the accessibility of the following areas this year.
  • Catering trucks in Hall 9

  • Mini Pics

  • Elevator access to the Press Center without assistance

  • Internal shuttle buses
Needle disposal
There is a needle disposal bin in the toilets located in the first aid office outside the main entrance to Hall 8.
My question has not been answered
Contact our Operations Team +44 (0)1273 224 958 or by email: who’ll be happy to assist you.
While we may not always get it right, we’re doing our best to make continual improvements to the accessibility of our shows and we welcome your feedback. If we’re missing something, or you’d like to share ideas for improvement, contact us at:
Any questions? Check our FAQs page or contact us: 

Call: +44 (0) 1273 227311

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