Orders and suppliers

Orders and suppliers

Messe Frankfurt Service Shop

You can order your booth materials, electrical, water, booth equipment, booth services, catering, suspensions and logistics from the Messe Frankfurt Serviceshop. To access the Service Shop you'll need a Messe Login.

Services related to compressed air, electricity and water connections, booth cleaning and security are subject to a 25% express surcharge for all orders received 21 days or less before the start of IMEX. 

If you have any questions about the Service Shop or your Messe Login, contact Messe Frankfurt at  
or call +49 69 7575 2999.

Booth coordinators

Once your booth is confirmed and Messe Frankfurt have completed the booth-setup in the Service Shop database, you will receive a welcome email from Messe Frankfurt ( with a registration link to complete the setup of their Messe Login. 

Booth partners

Booth partners are able to create their own personal Messe Login and allocate their booth with the booth number. 

Click here to register or create a log-in.

Booth number allocation is only possible after booth-setup has been completed and the booth coordinator has received their welcome email from Messe Frankfurt. Before that, the booth number will not appear in the drop-down list of booth numbers.


Booth constructors

Important: Select which of these options applies to you...

Are you placing orders on your own account (your company will receive invoices)?  

You will need the booth number to allocate the booth to your Messe Login. The booth can only be allocated after Messe Frankfurt have completed the booth-setup in the Service Shop database. Before that the booth number will not appear in the drop-down list of booth numbers.  

Are you placing orders on behalf of the exhibitor (the exhibiting company will receive invoices)?  

You will need the Stand Code to allocate the booth to your Messe Login. You will need to request the Stand Code directly from the exhibitor. By sharing the Stand Code with you they allow you to place orders on their behalf.

If you are responsible for more than one booth, make sure you select the correct booth each time you log in and place an order. 

Additional show information

Official suppliers

AV Equipment
System Rent A. Kreitz KG 
+49 (0)151-27528882
Booth Construction GmbH
+49 644 1982 7410

Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH (Fairconstruction)
+ 49 69 75 756 697 / + 49 69 75 756 667 
Badging: Onsite Registration
Maritz Global Events
Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH 
+49 69 75 602-22 41
Booth Reporting (Traffic/Dwell time/Energy)
Zenus, Inc.
Floral Decoration 
AS Green Event 
+49 69 74 221 935
Arc International
+44 207 977 7642 
Internet (wired)
Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH & Co. KG
  +49 69 75 757 1173
Internet (Wi-Fi)
Meeting Room AV and Staging
Abbit BV  
 +32 (0) 477 382 445
Lead retrieval
Lead retrieval has now been embedded within the IMEX platform free of charge, this will allow you to see all leads including meeting appointment data, online interactions and scans in one place.
Carsten Costard   
+49 172 615 8878
Shell Scheme/Additional Equipment 
(Carpeting, raised floor, booth numbering, fascia board lettering, printed banners, furniture) 
Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH (Fairconstruction) 
+49 69 75 756 118
Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH & Co. KG 
+49 69 75 756 075
VAT Reclaim 
CEI – VAT Reclaim Specialists   
+44 1732 860430


Hotel alert

You may be contacted by hotel discounters claiming to be associated with us. Many of these discounters are known to engage in fraudulent behavior, such as not providing the room described at the time of booking.
Unfortunately, we can’t help you if you book through a company not associated with and promoted by IMEX. 


Data bank alert

You may be contacted by data bank companies claiming to have information on IMEX participants. However, we do not give out or sell our buyer or exhibitor data.

For an explanation of how we use your personal information, read our privacy policy. If you are contacted by anyone offering to sell data on IMEX participants, report it to the IMEX Operations Team:

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