22-25 May 2023
IMEX Frankfurt

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Featured question: How do I create an account and register for IMEX Frankfurt 2023?

Everybody registering for IMEX Frankfurt FIRST has to create a brand-new IMEX account. So, if you’ve been to IMEX before, your old password won’t work.  

But don’t fear. Creating an IMEX account saves you masses of time in the long run. And it takes less than 5 minutes.   

The good news is that once you’ve created your new IMEX account ONCE, you won’t have to do it ever again. You can come back to your account time and again, for BOTH IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America. Ta-dah!   

Creating your IMEX account is super-simple. Allow Victor to guide you with this short video.

How does exhibiting at IMEX work?

What’s included in the exhibiting package?
As well as your space-only or shell-scheme stand we offer:

* Our online appointment system including unlimited schedules and access to our buyers via our messaging service
* A web page in our online exhibitor directory
* Inclusion in our Show Planner Opportunities to be included in our Show Preview and Daily News Online
* Free stand partner and staff registration
* Exhibitor marketing support and training webinars
* The personal year-round support of our sales team
How do I apply to take a stand at IMEX?
Send us an email to sales@imexexhibitions.com or give us a call on +44 1273 224955.
We’re here to help you choose the best option.
When is the exhibiting booking deadline?
There is no hard deadline, however we recommend booking well in advance to allow time to benefit from the full exhibiting package, and to be certain of a space.
How do we get appointments with buyers?
Your profile in our exhibitor directory is key. This is where our buyers will find you. You can also contact them via our appointment system. More details to follow soon.

Once a buyer has made an appointment with you, you can message them direct, and view their appointment profile for information on what they’d like to discuss and any RFPs they might have added.
Join one of our webinars or give us a call for a walk through the system.
Can you help promote my stand?
Yes, we’re here to help you with marketing and PR support.
From how to reach the press coming to the show, through how to make your buyer messages stand out, to how to get your story in the Daily News Online, we’ll show you how.
What sponsorship opportunities are available at IMEX?
Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to deliver the impact and return on investment you’re looking for.
Pick an opportunity off the shelf or challenge us to come up with something brand new and unique for you.
Contact us about exhibiting
Email: sales@imexexhibitions.com
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How does the hosted
buyer programme work? 


Who can be a hosted buyer?
You need to meet our qualifying criteria of regularly planning or booking large-scale events outside your home country. Register to attend
What am I committing to if I come as a hosted buyer?
You’re in charge of your schedule at IMEX. We offer you complete control and flexibility. You choose how many days you attend and who you meet with. All we ask is that you come to the show with business in hand - and that you stay for complete days at the show. The easiest way to do business and get best value from the show is by making appointments. We recommend between six and eight a day.
What’s the cost?
As a hosted buyer, you’ll enjoy free flights (from Europe – and long-haul too if you’re coming as part of a hosted group), and free accommodation. Attendance is free too of course, and there are no cancellation fees or fines.
How does the application process work?
Around 300 of our exhibitors invite their key clients to come to IMEX as hosted buyers (we call these exhibitors intermediaries). So, if you receive an invitation from one of them, and you’d like to be a hosted buyer, complete the online application form.
Once the exhibitor that invited you has checked the form, we verify and approve it, and send you a welcome email with our website login. Applications usually take around 10 days to process and we may contact you to check some of the details.

If your application doesn’t meet our qualifying criteria, we’ll invite you to register as a visitor buyer. As a visitor buyer you’ll still have access to our appointment system and a buyer badge.
How is my application assessed?
You must have the potential to research, organise, influence, or make budgetary decisions for international events (outside your home country). You also must have three confirmed or planned events taking place in the next three years.
We’ll check the information you provide with the venues you mention. Incorrect information may delay or invalidate your application. We make the final decision.
As a hosted buyer, how long do I have to be at the show for?
You choose how many days you attend the show. We just ask you to be at the show during opening hours, while you’re in Frankfurt as our VIP guest.
As an agency buyer, can I invite clients to IMEX?
Yes you can. Contact our hosted buyer team on hosted@imexexhibitions.com so we can issue an invitation. Ask about our specialist Agency Directors Forum too.
Contact us about the hosted buyer programme
Email: hosted@imexexhibitions.com

What are intermediaries at IMEX?

What do intermediaries do?
As an intermediary, you’ll invite your clients to the show, check their hosted buyer applications before we do and look after them while they’re here.

You’ll make sure your group know their itinerary and their commitment to stay at the show during opening hours. You’ll nominate a group leader to look after them and be our key contact for your group. We’ll cover their flights and accommodation too.

You’ll work with a dedicated IMEX Relationship Manager to help you do all this.
Why be an intermediary?
IMEX is where key connections and partnerships are made. Inviting your clients to the show and looking after them while they’re here is a unique experience that brings long-term rewards and relationships.
Who can be an intermediary?
All exhibitors with their own stands at IMEX are welcome to become intermediaries.
How do I apply to be an intermediary?
Contact Sarah Lloyd by email: sarah.lloyd@imexexhibitions.com
What are the key dates for intermediaries?
See key dates

How does the appointment system work?

What is an appointment?
A 30-minute meeting with an exhibitor booked by you, the buyer.
We also make appointments for groups of buyers to attend exhibitor presentations, and some exhibitors offer presentations at certain times that you can book in to. See these as your opportunity to explore new ideas and destinations. 42,000 appointments were made at IMEX 2022, they are the lifeblood of our show.
How many appointments do I commit to as a hosted buyer?
You’re in charge of your schedule at IMEX. All we ask is that you come to the show with business in hand and spend full days at the show. The easiest way to do business and get the best value from the show is by making appointments. We recommend between six and eight appointments a day.
How are appointments made and who can make them?
All buyers can make appointments, whether you are a hosted buyer or a visitor buyer.
Around four weeks before the show, and once you’ve received your welcome email, you’ll be able to log in, search our exhibitor directory and make appointments directly.
How do I send an appointment request?
Log in, search our exhibitor directory and hit the make appointment button which sends your request directly to the exhibitor.
What happens once an appointment is accepted?
You’ll be able to get in touch with the exhibitor, and complete an appointment profile with the option to add an RFP. This means the exhibitor can prepare for your meeting before the show.
Will I get a lot of emails/marketing messages from exhibitors?
No, our exhibitors can only contact you through our online appointment system, and are limited in the number of messages they can send you. All messages will go into your inbox on this website (not your email inbox).
Contact us about appointments
Email: hosted@imexexhibitions.com
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