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To find out about trending topics like badges, parking at Messe Frankfurt and accessing the attendee list see our general show FAQs.

To find out how to book meetings with exhibitors see our meetings FAQs.

How do I create an IMEX account?

To register for IMEX, you must first create an IMEX account.
Once you've created your account, you can use it for both IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America.

Creating an account is quick and easy, taking less than five minutes.
After verifying your account, you can sign in to your IMEX account and register for the event. Download the guide or watch our short video.

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How does exhibiting at IMEX work?

Who exhibits at IMEX?
National and regional tourist offices and convention bureaus, hotels, conference and exhibition venues, cruise lines, airlines, transportation companies, technology providers and event management specialists, gifting, merchandise and many more.

If you have a product or service to offer meetings and events planners, then you'll be a great fit to exhibit at IMEX.
What type of buyers would I be meeting with?
The buyers attending IMEX are global event planners and buyers with significant buying power.
Is there a guaranteed number of meetings I will get?
The total number of meetings pre booked in 2023 was 57,500. We don’t guarantee a minimum number of meetings per exhibitor, as buyers choose who they meet with. We don’t force anyone to have meetings they don’t need to.
How many staff can I register as part of my booth?
As many as you need, we don’t charge you for staff registrations.
Can other companies exhibit on my booth?
Yes, you can add partner companies to your booth at no extra cost. We recommend two partners sharing a 6sqm space.
What are the panel dimensions for shell scheme booths?
Panels can be either 0.5m or 1m wide. Each panel is 2.5m tall.
How do we get meetings with buyers?
Your profile in our Exhibitor Directory is key. This is where our buyers will find you. You can also contact them directly via our attendee list. Once a buyer has booked a meeting with you, you can view their meeting profile for information on what they’d like to discuss and any RFPs they might have added.
What’s the cost to order extras such as electricity, furniture and lighting and do you have recommended suppliers for booth extras?
You can find information on extras, costs and suppliers in our exhibitor manual
When is the exhibiting booking deadline?
There is no hard deadline, however we recommend booking well in advance to allow time to benefit from the full exhibiting package, and to be certain of a space.
How do I register?
Once you have created an account, click on “Register for IMEX Frankfurt”. Need help setting up an account? Download our guide.
How do I create a company profile?
Download our guide.
Who can I speak to about exhibiting?
Email our Sales Team and they'll be happy to answer any questions you have:
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Text goes here
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How does the hosted
buyer program work? 

Who can be a hosted buyer?
You need to meet our qualifying criteria of regularly planning or booking large-scale events outside your home country.
What am I committing to if I come as a hosted buyer?
We ask that you come to the show with business in hand, and that you stay for complete days at the show. The easiest way to do business and get value from the show is by booking meetings. We recommend at least six to eight a day. Learn more about meetings at IMEX
What’s the cost?
As a hosted buyer, you’ll enjoy free flights (from Europe, and long-haul too if you’re coming as part of a hosted buyer group), and free accommodations. Attendance is free too of course, and there are no cancellation fees or fines.
How does the application process work?
Around 300 of our exhibitors invite their key clients to come to IMEX as hosted buyers (we call these exhibitors intermediaries). So, if you receive an invitation from one of them, and you’d like to be a hosted buyer, complete the online application form.

Once the exhibitor that invited you has checked the form, we verify and approve it, and send you a welcome email with our website login. Applications usually take around 10 days to process and we may contact you to check some of the details.

If your application doesn’t meet our qualifying criteria, we’ll invite you to register as a buyer attendee. As a buyer attendee you’ll still have access to our meeting system and a buyer badge.

If you haven't received an invitation from an intermediary, register as a buyer attendee. Once you're approved, we’ll check if you qualify to attend IMEX as a hosted buyer.
How is my application assessed?
You must have the potential to research, organize, influence, or make budgetary decisions for international events (outside your home country). You also must have two confirmed or planned events taking place in the next three years.

We'll check the information you provide with the venues you mention. Incorrect information may delay or invalidate your application. We make the final decision.
As a hosted buyer, how long do I have to be at the show for?
As a hosted buyer, you will attend the show for full days according to your program dates.
As an agency buyer, can I invite clients to IMEX?
Yes you can. They will also need to register for the show, either as a buyer attendee or a hosted buyer. Ask about our specialist Agency Directors Forum too.
Contact us about the hosted buyer program

What are intermediaries at IMEX?

What do intermediaries do?
As an intermediary, you’ll invite your clients to the show, check their hosted buyer applications before we do and look after them while they’re here.

You’ll make sure your group know their itinerary and their commitment to IMEX to stay at the show during opening hours. You’ll nominate a group leader to look after them and be our key contact for your group. We’ll cover their flights and accommodations too.

You’ll work with a dedicated IMEX Relationship Manager to help you do all this.
Why be an intermediary?
IMEX is where key connections and partnerships are made. Inviting your clients to the show and looking after them while they’re here is a unique experience that brings long-term rewards and relationships.
Who can be an intermediary?
All exhibitors with their own booths at IMEX are welcome to become intermediaries.
How do I apply to be an intermediary?
Contact Liz Brand by email:

How does the meeting system work?

What is a meeting?
A 30-minute meeting with an exhibitor booked by you, the buyer. (Only buyers (hosted buyers and buyer attendees) can book meetings).

We also make appointments for groups of buyers to attend exhibitor presentations, and some exhibitors offer presentations at certain times that you can book in to. See these as your opportunity to explore new ideas and destinations.

57,700 meetings were held at IMEX 2023; they are the lifeblood of our show.
How many meetings do I commit to as a hosted buyer?
When you come to IMEX as a hosted buyer you commit to booking meetings with exhibitors, but you're in charge of your schedule at IMEX. We ask that you come to the show with business in hand.

The easiest way to do business and get value from the show is by holding meetings. We recommend at least six to eight a day. These should be mainly one-to-one meetings, but can include some group appointments and booth presentations.
How are meetings booked and who can book them?
All buyers can book meetings, whether you are a hosted buyer or a buyer attendee.

As a buyer, you can sign in and do this through the:

- Exhibitor Directory: Book meetings following the link on individual exhibitor directory pages.
- Floor plan: Book meetings following the link from exhibitor booths.
- Meeting system: Use the calendar icon 📆 to book meetings. Around four weeks before the show, and once you’ve received your welcome email, you’ll be able to sign in, search our exhibitor directory and book meetings directly.

Buyers are also able to book meetings via the Products search, attendee list and messages (with exhibitor staff only).

Meetings are only held between buyers and exhibitors. And, can only be initiated by buyers.
How do I send a meeting request?
Sign in, search our exhibitor directory or product search, click the meeting button that looks like this:

You can choose to book a meeting with the company, or a specific member of staff.

Once you've selected the time and day of the meeting it will be automatically confirmed in your schedule and the exhibitor's schedule.
Will I get a lot of email/marketing messages from exhibitors?
No, our exhibitors can only contact you through our online meeting system, and can only send messages to one person at a time (they cannot mass mail buyers). All messages will go into your message notifications, available once you sign in (not your email inbox, unless you select this option in your notification settings).
What happens if I don’t make the recommended numbers of meetings as a hosted buyer?
We regularly check and audit the number of meetings being set up and conducted at the show. If we find that a hosted buyer is not conducting meetings, we may decide to withdraw their hosted status for future shows. This is why it is particularly important for buyers to use our IMEX system to manage their time at the show.
Contact us about meetings

About the show 

Who's going to be there?
Explore our Exhibitor Directory.

How can I access the IMEX attendee list?

As a buyer or exhibitor follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your IMEX account
2. Go to your show dashboard
3. In the left-hand menu, select Networking
4. Click Attendee List
Where can I find the events and education program?
Explore what's on and search our program.
How much does it cost to attend?
IMEX is free to attend.
When will I receive my badge?
Badges were emailed on Monday, April 29 to the email address you used when you registered. If you haven’t received it check your spam folders. If you register after Monday, April 29, your badge will be emailed shortly after your confirmation email.
How can I request assistance at the show?
Contact our operations team, or give us a call on +44 1273 224 958. Find out more about accessibility at IMEX.
Do I have to attend all three days?
This depends on your attendee type. As a hosted buyer, you attend the show for full days according to your program dates. However, as an attendee, student, faculty member, or buyer attendee you can attend any day of the show.
Where can I find out about traveling to Frankfurt?
You can find out about traveling to Frankfurt and hotels on our travel and accommodations page.
I am a UK passport holder. Are there any entry restrictions for Germany?
If you are a UK passport holder, your passport needs to have been issued within the last 10 years, and have three months left on it from the day you plan to leave Germany. Find out more here.
Can I park at Messe Frankfurt?
Hosted buyers have access to free parking in Hall 9. If you’re a hosted buyer sign in to your IMEX account and go to Reimbursement. Select reimbursement type Driving and complete the form. We'll email you a link to a parking voucher.

Exhibitors and all other attendees should drive to Gate 9 to buy a day parking voucher (€21). Or you can buy a three-day parking voucher on the P9 parking deck for around €63.
Where's the lost property and cloakroom?
Contact the Operations Office, level 8.0 for lost property inquiries. A report will be taken and passed to security. Cloakroom facilities are available on level 9.T in Hall 9.
Can I attend as a student?
Yes, students studying event management can attend the show. You can just register like any other attendee. We recommend students attend on Thursday, 16 May. Students can also apply to join the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum.
Where can I learn about accessibility?
Find out about accessibility at IMEX.
What language is spoken at IMEX?
English is the main language at the show. Most education sessions are presented in English with some sessions in German. Education sessions can also be translated into multiple languages using on your device. Details are provided in the education areas.
Are education sessions translated or transcribed?
Sessions in the main IMEX education areas use, which can translate speech into 25 languages, for real-time translation and transcription. At the session you can scan a QR code. You will be asked to choose your language. You can use your device's headset to listen to the session or can read a transcript on your device.
Is there a dress code?
As this is a business event, most people wear a mix of business/casual wear; however, we encourage you to wear clothes you feel most comfortable in, including comfortable shoes. Frankfurt can be very warm in May so do check the weather.
I have dietary requirements, what kind of food is available?
We offer a wide variety of healthy food outlets on the show floor in Hall 8 and in the food courts in Hall 9.
Here are some examples of the menus in Hall 8 and Hall 9. There are also two restaurants in Hall 9: Restaurant Centro on level 9.0 and Restaurant Granello on level 9.1.

There’s a small supermarket in Hall 9 for drinks and snacks. You can find a large supermarket with a huge choice of food options at the Skyline Plaza, opposite the Festhalle entrance to Messe Frankfurt.

If you have any other questions around dietary requirements, contact us at
Do you have any quiet spaces?
Yes. The Be Well Lounge is on level 9.1 in Hall 9, away from the show floor. This is a device-free space where attendees can join meditation, breathing and relaxation sessions or just find some quiet time.

The IMEX-EIC People and Planet Village is in Hall 9. Attendees are welcome to use this space for quiet time when sessions are not taking place.

A Sensory Nook Pod is available in the Village area, offering features that support people with neurodivergent needs.

Several Nook Pods are also available for use in Hall 8 and in the Hosted Buyer Lounge.
Can I apply to speak at IMEX?
We're always interested in hearing from speakers who understand and can positively impact all areas of the business events community. We're focused on hearing from diverse voices and welcome speakers from underrepresented groups bringing a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

We don’t compensate speakers for travel or accommodations expenses or pay appearance fees. We view speaking opportunities at IMEX as mutually beneficial, an opportunity to present yourself and your ideas to an influential and engaged audience together with a chance to leverage PR opportunities.
Apply to speak at IMEX
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