We’ll reimburse the cost of your travel to and from Frankfurt up to the travel reimbursement limit. (This does not apply to hosted buyers on the IMEX individual long-haul program.)  

You should book your travel as soon as you’ve been accepted on to our hosted buyer program.  We do not book travel on your behalf.

Answers to your reimbursement questions

In addition to your travel to and from Frankfurt, we will also reimburse the cost of the following (up to the travel reimbursement limit):
  • Stopovers or additional flights (for a fam trip for example) (if your flights to and from Frankfurt are booked on one ticket with one fare for the entire journey). Exceptions to the one ticket/one fare rule may be considered for reimbursement if they include your home airport/train station or Frankfurt

  • Upgrades (if the flight and upgrade are booked and claimed for at the same time)

  • Flexible fares

  • Taxes and other related charges for flights booked using loyalty card points/airmiles

  • Flights booked using credit from canceled flights, if proof of payment for the original flight is provided

  • Up to one checked-in bag
We will not reimburse the cost of:
  • Driving to Messe Frankfurt

  • Your travel if you do not attend IMEX/do not attend for complete days during your hosted buyer program

  • Flights/train travel canceled by the airline or train operator (for whatever reason including COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Flights/train travel changed or canceled by you

  • Missed flights/train travel and any additional costs incurred

  • Travel agency fees

  • The monetary value of flights booked with airmiles/points (we only reimburse the taxes)

  • Bank charges made by your bank for receipt of the travel reimbursement

  • Any additional costs if you change your travel for any reasons, we will only reimburse the first trip booked
Driving to IMEX/Parking
If you plan to drive to IMEX Frankfurt we provide free parking in Hall 9, Messe Frankfurt. Sign in to your IMEX account and go to Reimbursement. Select reimbursement type Driving and complete the form. We'll email you a link for your parking voucher nearer the show.
Submitting your travel reimbursement claim
  • Do this as soon as you book your flights and by 19 April 2024 so we can arrange your transfers (we cannot guarantee your airport transfer if you submit your claim after this date).

    No travel reimbursement claims can be submitted after  4 June 2024.

      You will need:
    • Your complete travel itinerary (including any additional fam trip travel) showing your name, travel into and out of Frankfurt including flight/train numbers, departure and arrival times, and the name of the airline/train company (if your intermediary books your flights they’ll send us this information)

    • The invoice showing the full cost of your travel (from the airline or train company; if you work for a travel agency you must provide a copy of the airline invoice rather than your own travel agency’s invoice)

    • Depending on where your bank is located, there are two ways to receive your reimbursement payment, all payments will be sent after your attendance at IMEX has been verified:

      1. Wise secure payment link:
      After IMEX, you’ll receive an email from Wise containing a secure payment link. To proceed with the payment, you’ll need to provide your account payee name and your email address. You won’t need to share your bank details directly with us.

      2. Bank transfer:
      You’ll need to provide the following bank details for your payment to be directly deposited into your selected bank account:
    • SWIFT/BIC code: This unique code identifies your bank internationally and ensures smooth cross-border transactions

    • IBAN/account number: The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or your account number is crucial for routing the payment accurately

    • Beneficiary account name/address: Be prepared to share the name and address associated with your bank account. This information ensures that the payment reaches the correct recipient

    • Also, depending on your bank’s location, you might need to provide other details such as Transit code, BSB code, or CLABE.
What is the itinerary in my IMEX account?
Your itinerary shows your complete travel plans for IMEX. You can amend your itinerary by requesting extra hosted nights, adding in fam trip nights or nights you’re booking at your own expense.  

Completing your itinerary allows you to share your travel plans before submitting your travel reimbursement claim, simplifying and speeding up the process.
Why do you need my travel plans before or after IMEX?
You may be attending a pre or post-show fam trip or extending your stay in Europe before or after the show. Some of these journeys can be included in your travel reimbursement claim which is why we ask for your complete travel plans. Knowing what you are doing pre or post show also helps us get your hotel room booking right. And allows us to arrange arrival and departure airport and train station transfers in Frankfurt.
I need to remove a night from my itinerary, how do I do this?
Currently you can only request or add additional nights—if you need to remove any hosted nights or any approved additional nights, contact:
1. Can I book flights that come in earlier or stay on after the show so I can combine a vacation or business trip?

Absolutely, if we can see your arrival details into Frankfurt and departure details from Frankfurt we will reimburse you up to the banding limit (coming soon) from your home airport/train station. You will need to book and pay for any extra nights yourself.

2. I am going on a fam trip and my group intermediary is booking part of my travel. What do I do?

Submit your reimbursement claim as normal and add a note indicating which part of the trip your group intermediary is booking. If they are booking your travel into Frankfurt or out of Frankfurt, they will need to send us the travel details.

3. I am going on a fam trip before or after the show and will be booking all the flights myself – will I still be reimbursed for all my travel?

We will reimburse you up to the maximum banding limit of your home airport/train station, even if you doing a pre or post-show fam trip.

4. I am not traveling from/back to my home city. Can I still be reimbursed for this travel?

Yes, as long as your travel is booked to attend the show dates, we will reimburse your travel up to the banding of your home airport/train station.

5. I will be traveling from my home airport/train station to another airport/train station, staying for two days, then continuing to Frankfurt and then traveling home after the show. What sectors of my journey can I claim for?

As long as your travel forms part of a round trip from your home to Frankfurt, you can include stopovers in your reimbursement.

If you travel, for example:

New York to Munich
Munich to Zurich
Zurich to Frankfurt
Frankfurt to New York

If the whole journey is on one ticket, then the whole journey will be reimbursed up to the reimbursement limit. If some segments are booked separately, the following leg will not be reimbursed: Munich to Zurich, as this segment has neither the home town nor Frankfurt in it.
We aim to reimburse you within three weeks of the show and after we have confirmed that you attended the show for your complete program dates. Make sure your badge is scanned every day you attend the show (so we can check your attendance before we release payment). View the status of your travel reimbursement claim in your IMEX account.

If we asked you to enter your account payee name and email address, you’ll receive an email from Wise ( Check your junk/spam mailbox if you don’t appear to have received this. The email will be sent on 3 June 2024 and the secure payment link will be valid for seven days. Once completed the payment will be in your account within 24 hours.

If we asked you for your bank details, payment will be made via bank transfer.

Reimbursements are paid by us in GBP, EUR or USD.

The travel reimbursement limits table shows the currency we’ll make the payment in; this may be different to the currency in your travel reimbursement claim. 
For example, if the reimbursement limit for your country is in GBP, we’ll make payment in GBP and the payment will appear in your bank account in the currency your account is held in. 

Example 1:
Mexico: The reimbursement limit is GBP 1,100. We’ll make the payment in GBP, but the payment will appear in your account in Mexican pesos (MXN), if your account is held in MXN. 

If your account is held in USD, the payment will appear in your account in USD. 

Example 2:

If you’re a US buyer, we’ll make the payment in USD and it will appear in your account in USD. (Usually delivered by an ACH payment.)

Example 3:
If you’re part of the eurozone, we’ll make the payment in EUR and it will appear in your account in EUR. 

If you’re in Europe, but outside the eurozone, we’ll make the payment in EUR and it will appear in your account in the currency your account is held in.

Poland: The reimbursement limit is EUR 365. We’ll make the payment in EUR, but the payment will appear in your account in Polish zloty (PLN), if your account is in PLN.

If your account is held in EUR, the payment will appear in your account in EUR.

Note: This does not apply to UK buyers, as UK reimbursement payments are made in GBP and appear in buyers’ accounts in GBP.
Contact us before booking if:
  • You cannot find a fare within the travel reimbursement limit

  • The airport you’re flying from is not listed on our travel reimbursement limit table and your fare is different from the country/state listed on the reimbursement table

  • You cannot find flights that allow you to attend complete days during your hosted buyer program
  • Contact us by
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