22-25 May 2023
IMEX Frankfurt

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Apply to speak at our unique professional education and development programme.

Offering fresh ideas and inspiration to business events professionals of all abilities and experiences (including exhibiting staff) over four amazing days in Frankfurt.

We review all applications on the merits of the content alone, making our final selection on content quality and relevance to our programme.

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Apply to speak at IMEX.
Before you apply - what you need to know

We're looking for speakers who understand and can positively impact all areas of the business events community. We're focused on hearing from diverse voices and welcome speakers from underrepresented groups bringing a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

We're seeking content that is forward-thinking, fresh and relevant for those working across the meetings industry, with actionable take-aways. It doesn't matter if you've presented your proposed session before, although we do favour fresh ideas, interesting angles and new perspectives.

No sales pitches

It’s important for you, and for us, to avoid sales pitches masked as education. We also collect audience feedback from education sessions to monitor quality and appropriateness of content.


You don't have to present on your own. Co-presenters are always welcome. In the event we receive proposals on similar topics, we may contact you about co-presenting, or joining a panel session.

Please consider this a gift, as we connect like-minded professionals together in this learning environment. 

Education tracks at IMEX

We'll give preference to session proposals that fit into one of the following tracks:
1. Technology and innovation
Technology should be beautiful or invisible, and if you’re talking about it at IMEX, then it should be enhancing the way event professionals work; rethinking how participants engage or interact; and how experiences are engineered and experienced. 

2. Trends and research 

The world is changing rapidly and the leading-edge data presented at every IMEX show remains a critical part of our learning calendar. If you have informative research or are setting - or spotting - new trends then submit in this category.


3. People and planet 

We are one human race with one planet we all call home. Sessions in this category are at the intersection of this year’s Talking Point, Human Nature. Here we welcome stories, approaches and tools that can help the whole of humanity move towards happier co-existence, balance and growth (both personal and organisational). We’re looking for sessions based on behavioural science, personal journeys, psychology, research data and more. 

The following topics fit into this track: equity, diversity and inclusion; professional and personal development; leadership; culture and engagement; wellbeing; sustainability.

4.    Business practices

Aside from Event Planner Toolkit sessions designed to provide the basics of event planning in 2023, we’re also seeking tools and direction for experienced business leaders managing in a new world of events and connections. 

5. Experience design

We’ve been living in the experience economy for some time, yet experience design has never been more important nor more in demand. If you’re designing or re-designing experiences and leading with (neuro)science and smart design thinking, this is your category.

6. Event marketing

Brands are increasingly driving experiential innovation, understanding that 21st century consumers are not only defined by the brands they choose to engage with, but are also seeking brands that help them express their identity. Show up and show off what’s working and inspire others.

Frequently asked questions

about speaking at IMEX

Learning formats
Your proposed session should fit comfortably into one of the three formats below. The show schedule is based on 30-minute meetings, the education time slots mirror this. (State your preference when you submit your proposal - and we'll make a decision based on this and what works for our overall programme). Most education takes place at our dedicated education stand - the Inspiration Hub, although we do use other spaces too.

Seminar, 30 to 45 minutes: This may be a solo, duo or panel presentation. Offered in a theatre setup with basic AV available. If you are planning a workshop format that requires work at tables, please state that.

Campfire, 30 minutes: Dialogue based, with casual seating for up to 30 people. Campfires work best with a 10-minute introduction followed by an informal discussion. Suitable for a range of human-centred topics. No AV support, this is all about conversation.

Research and workshops, 30 to 45 minutes: Present your latest industry or company research/trends to a group of up to 40 people, followed by a discussion. Basic AV available.


We don't usually compensate speakers for travel or accommodation expenses or pay appearance fees. Speaking at IMEX is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in our business events community and present your expertise to a captive audience.

We'll also help you maximise the benefits through community marketing tools.
Preparing your application and how to apply
We use the words and description you provide to promote your session on our website and in our marketing materials. Write your proposal as if persuading your audience to attend (not to us). If selected, we’ll contact you to discuss your presentation.


You’ll need the following information to hand before you start your application:

- Your full contact details - name, telephone, email
- A short biography (max 1000 characters or 250 words)
- Details of your co-presenter (with all of the information above)
- Your proposed session title. (A captivating title is important for pre-show marketing and PR so please give this your best shot!)
- Your session description (max 300 characters or 50 words) and three learning outcomes using active learning verbs ( i.e., NOT 'attendees will learn') or take away-points (max 160 characters or 20 words per outcome)


How to apply:

Apply to speak at IMEX by completing an online form here.

Your IMEX contacts are the Knowledge and Events Team.

Call us on +44 1273 227311
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